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Health and safety

Because our people are our most precious asset, occupational safety and health are our first consideration at all times.

 Our goals are:

  • No harm to people
  • A safe and healthy working environment for all personnel
  • No impact on the health and safety of our neighbours
  • No accidents

Perenco personnel are committed to achieving these goals.

  • Managers are responsible and accountable for Health and Safety.
  • All Perenco and contractor personnel must intervene in unsafe or non-compliant conditions and remain responsible for both their own health and safety and that of others.

To ensure compliance with our Health & Safety Policy we :

  • Have in place a Health and Safety Management System
    in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements and with E & P industry standards
  • Ensure that this Management System is understood and applied at all levels within the company
  • Ensure that all employees and contractor's personnel are competent to undertake their work safely
  • Emphasise Health and Safety concerns both on and off the work site
  • Assess the consequences of all our activities on health and safety and put in place appropriate control measures
  • Maintain the physical integrity of our facilities to prevent accidents
  • Set annual performance targets supported by action plans
  • Maintain current health and safety emergency plans
  • Undertake regular health and safety emergency drills and exercises to test our capability to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency
  • Report and investigate all health and safety incidents and take appropriate measures in order to prevent their recurrence
  • Perform regular audits of all our activities, using the results to drive performance improvements
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