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Social Responsibility

Social outreach is an integral part of Perenco's approach to conducting business. We focus on sustainable development. Wherever we operate, every effort is made to improve quality of life while preserving traditional cultures and values.

Our goals are:

  • To make a positive contribution to local communities
  • To respect different cultures and the rights of individuals
  • To promote and maintain honesty, integrity & high ethical standards

Perenco personnel are committed to achieving these goals.

  • Managers are responsible and accountable for upholding our Social
    Responsibility Policy
  • All Perenco and contractor personnel must consider Social Responsibility
    in all their activities, and intervene when these goals are compromised

To ensure compliance with our Social Responsibility Policy we : 

  • Comply with the laws of the host country
  • Ensure that all staff and contractors are aware of the Perenco commitment to Social Responsibility
  • Maintain high ethical standards throughout all interactions
    with local communities
  • Communicate Perenco's activities with the local communities taking into account local customs
  • Identify, in partnership with local communities, social projects where Perenco can make a positive contribution
    These could include:
    - Personal and community health support.
    - Local infrastructure and access to sustainable energy and water supplies
    - Local education, and support primary schools for all
    - Sustainable community-led projects: agricultural / fishing / micro credit/etc...
  • Allocate necessary resources to fulfil our Social Responsibility role
  • Manage Perenco-led projects in such a way that community expectations are met by:
    - Defining clear objectives, and promising only what can be achieved
    - Keeping to agreed schedules
    - Sharing of knowledge and building of trust
  • Perform regular audits of all our activities, using these results to drive performance improvements
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