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Group news

Perenco participates in the 5th Scientific/Research Day of the Mining and Geology Research Centre    

Perenco REP and Mioc were present in Kinshasa on the 23rd and 24th July 2014 for the 5th Scientific Day organised by the Mining and Geology Research Centre (MGRC), an organisation overseen by the Congolese Minister of Scientific Research.

In front of an assembly of 100 people -most of whom were experts and researchers in Mines and Hydrocarbons - Benjamin Safari, production geologist for Perenco in the DRC presented "The Geological Characteristics of the Coastal Basin". It was a simplified and well illustrated presentation which gave Perenco's expert the opportunity to enlighten the scientists on the subject of the mature fields of this basin, and on the expertise developed by the oil company established in Muanda to make these fields profitable.

The five research days of MGRC have been organised under the theme "non-renewable raw materials: geological knowledge, technology and sustainable development", with a three-fold objective, namely: giving researchers the opportunity to present the results of their research to their peers, offer a platform to the geologists to exchange views on their respective sectors/areas and finally to enable researchers to focus on and discover new directions.

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