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Group news

Inauguration of power plant in Guatemala    

On 26th of June, Jean-Michel Jacoulot, CEO of Perenco, received Otto Perez Molina, President of Guatemala at the Xan Oil Field, for the inauguration of the recently commissioned power plant. The president was accompanied by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Vice Ministers and the Director of Hydrocarbons.

The power plant is composed of eight diesel generators and two gas generators with a total capacity of 14MW. The 33 km underground distribution network connects all wells to the electrical generation power plant. The implementation of this plant substitutes individual power generators that were installed at each well.

"This is the most ambitious project executed at the Xan Field in the past 20 years. This plant has multiple benefits to all those involved in the operation of Xan, the State of Guatemala, Perenco, our employees, and the environment", said Jean-Michel Jacoulot, during the inaugural ceremony.

The plant and electrical distribution network were completed in 22 months and created 200 jobs.

"Perenco represents 92.2% of the oil production of the country. This investment of US$25 million allows for a significant reduction in the cost per barrel of crude, contributing more income for the State of Guatemala", said Otto Perez Molina, President of the Republic of Guatemala.

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