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Perenco has operated in Cameroon since 1993, working as a close partner to the National Oil Company, SNH. Perenco operates and produces from  the Rio Del Rey Concessions, Moudi, Ebome Marine, Dissoni North and gas on Sanaga Sud. Perenco also operates two Production Sharing Contracts both in the exploration phase: Elombo in the Douala campo basin and Moabi in the Rio Del Rey Basin.  The Mokoko-Abana concession, where Perenco holds a 10% interest, is operated by Addax.


In 2011, Perenco completed the acquisition of Total's upstream interests. The company is now the leading operator in the country, with an area of operations extending over 6 000 km² in the Rio del Rey and Douala basins, and operated production in Oil and Gas of 62 000 boepd (57 000 bopd and 30 MMscfd), with reserves of 173 million barrels and gas resources of more than 3 Tcf.

Dissoni North is a new oil development located 20 km east of the Rio del Rey concession. Production began in 2013 with four oil producers and two water injector wells. The two unmanned minimal platforms and pipelines were laid at minimal budget taking advantage of new technology.

Perenco is constantly looking for ways to optimize operations and to reduce operating costs. A prime example is the replacement of two FSOs (Moudi and Kingsway) at the end of 2012 with a single oil terminal named FSO Massongo, a 272 000 DWT converted tanker storing both Lokelé and Kolé crude. The single oil terminal is owned and operated by the Cameroon Oil Terminal SA (COTSA), an affiliate of Perenco and SNH.


Sanaga is the first offshore gas field to be developed in Cameroon to feed a third party power plant that matches the growing power demand in the country. The two gas wells are producing in a new offshore production module, and exported to a new onshore gas processing plant at Kribi.  The project was developed by Perenco once again using innovative solutions and first commercial gas was delivered on time in 2013 to SNH for the final user the 216 MW Kribi Power Plant.

Perenco is also involved in studying other gas projects in Cameroon. Perenco is active in preparing to feed gas for the Rio del Rey and Ebome area to the large Cameroon LNG project lead by GDF Suez and others smaller complementary projects using local gas.


In 2013 Perenco signed a production sharing contract for oil exploration in the Moabi block (formerly the Mondoni permit) located in the Rio Del Rey basin. The first well is expected to be drilled in 2014.

In 2013 Perenco farmed out a 50% interest in the Elombo block and drilled two wells, one shallow water and one at water depth of 712 m . More studies will be concluded in 2014.

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