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Perenco is currently the DRC's (Democratic Republic of Congo) sole oil producer and is one of the largest investors in the country. Since our arrival in the region in 2000, the company has extensively invested in new wells, secondary recovery, and improved operating practices.

The crude is stored on board the Kalamu floating terminal, which can store up to one million barrels of oil.

Perenco's onshore drilling programme started in 2002, shortly after Perenco took over the onshore operation, and continued at an average rate of 25 wells per year. This was achieved by the continuous use of the tailored SS-25 rig that drilled the majority of these wells.

In 2013, onshore production was stable at an average of 10 000 bopd. This can be attributed to Perenco's ability to deliver a completed and tied-in well every 15 days, without compromising other field and appraisal opportunities. To increase production, Perenco is commissioning a second rig which will work in parallel with the SS-25.

Offshore, Perenco halted the natural decline with new producing wells drilled in 2012 and 2013. Production is expected to increase significantly thanks to an additional six months drilling campaign planned for 2014.

An exploration campaign will also be carried out with 3D seismic and one exploration well.

Perenco is actively engaged in promoting transparency within the resources' sector, in particular as a member of Executive committee ITIE-RDC (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative).

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