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Perenco has operated in Guatemala since 2001. Oil production comes from the Xan Field, located in the north-west Petén region of Guatemala. Part of the state participation is distributed to the municipalities of Petén via the Fonpetrol law, thus providing needed funding for the development of rural communities in the north of Guatemala.  

Perenco Guatemala operations have been able to reduce the economic decline of Xan Field to less than 4%.

Perenco operates Guatemala's pipeline infrastructure network connecting the Xan and Rubelsanto fields to the Piedras Negras terminal on Guatemala's Atlantic coast. The facility has a storage capacity of 430 000 barrels and dispatches an average of 12 vessels per year.

Perenco also operates a refinery with a processing capacity of 5 000 bopd, producing fuel oil for use at Xan and asphalt for the Central American consumer market.

A power optimization project started in 2011 is ongoing, allowing more fluid from the reservoir and much greater efficiency of the overall operation. The project has entered in the final construction phase and will be completed in early 2014.

In 2013, Perenco Guatemala participated in the bidding round for new exploration blocks in the north of Guatemala.  The area of Cotzal (La Cruces Municipality) bordering Mexico and the Usumacinta River was awarded to Perenco.  Perenco Guatemala will initiate a 500-km² seismic program as soon as the contracts are finalized with the Ministry of Energy and Mines.  

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