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In January 1996, Perenco acquired several oil fields in the vicinity of Diyarbakir, South East Turkey. With an average daily net production of 7 500 bopd in 2013, Perenco is the largest private oil producer in the country today.

The company currently operates some 100 wells and three production gathering stations within a 100-km-long zone. Perenco's export facility is located at the Pirinçlik terminal, which exports crude oil to Mediterranean seaports.

Production levels have been sustained since the acquisition through recompletions, reactivations, secondary recovery by water injection, deepening and sidetracking. Perenco has also sharply increased its productive investments and its production over the past two years. Two drilling rigs are now dedicated to development and exploration works, while three other ones are dedicated to well maintenance and activation.  

Perenco is actively involved in exploration activities in Turkey, and is committed to increasing reserves through new field discoveries. In 2013 alone, four seismic campaigns, an airborne gravi-magnetic survey and three explorations wells have been completed with promising results.

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