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United Kingdom

Perenco has been operating in the UK Southern North Sea (SNS) basin since the acquisition of BP SNS gas fields off the Norfolk coast in 2003.

Following the completion of further successful transactions with BP, namely the 2011 acquisition of BP's interest in Wytch Farm and the 2012 acquisition of BP's interest in the Southern Gas Assets off the Yorkshire coast (renamed SNS North), Perenco operated production is now in excess of 90 000 boepd.

In the North Sea, Perenco is the operator of a large number of offshore gas fields including: Leman, Indefatigable, Thames, Trent and Tyne (and their associated satellite fields), the Cleeton fields (including Wollaston, Whittle, Ravenspurn North, Ravenspurn South), the West Sole stream fields (including West Sole, Hyde, Hoton, Newsham) and the Amethyst field. Perenco's gas production in the North Sea is around 72 000 boepd.

In addition to its own gas, and that of its joint-venture partners, Perenco transports a significant quantity of third-party gas through its operated infrastructure and its two operated gas terminals, Bacton and Dimlington.

At the Wytch Farm oil field, Perenco holds a 50.1% interest in the Wytch Farm and Wareham fields, and a 100% interest in the Kimmeridge field. Total production has increase up to 20 000 bopd thanks to additional investment and new developments.

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