Perenco, at the beginning, this is the story of a passionate man, who was simultaneously a conqueror and a pioneer. It is a success story based on the willingness to think and act differently, which is now transmitting to the second generation.

Today, the spirit of Hubert Perrodo, the founder of Perenco, is still alive in the company. 
Hubert was the son of a fisherman, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He created a rental company for service barges in 1975 before becoming a ship-owner. In 1981 he founded Techfor, a drilling company that he resold in 1992 to focus on the acquisition of oil and gas interests, thereby giving rise to Perenco. From then onwards the company quickly specialised in the operation of mature oilfields, a strategy that brought worldwide success.

In 2006 when Hubert Perrodo passed away following a tragic accident, his elder son François took control of the company, determined to continue the work of his father. In 2016 he gave a new course to the company and changed the management team with a view to balance growth and profitability while respecting people and the environment. While capitalising on the founding values of the company and on Perenco’s specific know-how with high added value, François has also chosen to deploy an integration strategy to include related services such as drilling, and to implement a diversification strategy, especially through the exploitation of gas.

As a legacy Hubert Perrodo has left the desire along with the will of surpassing oneself and a natural instinct for doing things differently. Thanks to these values Perenco looks to the future positively and is ready to face tomorrow's challenges; continue to develop a unique know-how while diversifying towards new markets and guarantee the independence and the sustainability of the company over time.

A future within which innovative women and men, passionate about their jobs and in search of challenges and responsibilities, will play a central part.