Perenco is committed to a voluntary HSE approach that aims to consolidate staff awareness on healthcare issues, safety of people and facilities, and on the environmental impact of the company activities.

Driven by a strongly committed general management, the HSE policy is handled by a dedicated department with functional and operational teams, the latter being located within technical departments. At local level, the HSE management is directly attached to the subsidiary general manager.

"Perenco is a company with strong values of difference, carried by each employee. Our target for each barrel we produce and deliver, is excellence. We constantly foment innovation in the fields of technology and working methodology. This requirement for innovation also applies to our HSE policy. We are proactive in terms of risk analysis, training and prevention exercise. Above all, we carefully rally our teams in a way that promotes the reporting of information, in order to take account of any incident and to put in place any necessary corrective actions very promptly. Here again, our very short decision-making process is a real strength."


Ensuring that our people and facilities are safe

Each staff member receives HSE training during his/her career. Depending on their jobs, our collaborators are trained on operating security, crisis management or any other relevant standardised technical training (electric risk, survival at sea etc.). Access to Perenco production sites also requires staff members to follow an HSE induction that prepares any participant for the general risks they may face on our facilities, with several specific risks related to offshore and H2S, etc.

Continuously improving our methods, tools, skills, communication and teamwork is a priority.

Analyse any risk related to our operations in order to identify potential hazards.

TRAIN all the participants
Initiate each collaborator to the standard rules of healthcare, safety and environmental compliance.

ENCOURAGE participation  
Advocate the reporting of dangerous situations or incidents.

Health is at the heart of our concerns

We are committed to offer to all our collaborators, including in our subsidiaries, a quality medical follow-up. Our production sites are more exposed, so they are equipped with healthcare and first-aid facilities (integrating medical staff and equipment) and training, evacuation and emergency response plans.
Our healthcare policy is also implemented through thematic awareness programmes on malaria and STDs. We are particularly concerned about food hygiene for our on-site staff. We regularly devise specific dietary menus with our catering services, to help combat certain forms of obesity, hypertension or diabetes that may affect some of our staff.


Respecting the environment and local communities

At Perenco, we are committed to ensure that our operations respect the environment, in particular as regards the emission of greenhouse gases and oil or chemical discharge.
Our demanding requirements are based on the national rules of the countries where we operate and on international practice.

We regularly assess the impact of our activities on the environment through documented technical studies, taking into account the particularities of the areas where we have been operating.

Each site benefits from trained staff and has dedicated anti-pollution equipment adapted to the surrounding environment - onshore, offshore, or sensitive environment- to remedy in case of emergency situations and to promote a rapid response.

Each subsidiary has an Emergency Antipollution Plan to assess accident scenarios and define the rules and intervention resources. We regularly carry out large scale exercises to assess our level of responsiveness and our capacity to manage a crisis. We have taken out assistance contracts with specialised international providers or with our local partners. Our objective is to minimise as much as possible any risks to the Environment, while ensuring we have rapid and effective response resources in the event of an accident.

Double expertise, proximity and accountability: the keys of an effective HSE policy

Perenco operations are based on proximity and accountability, so teams have the capacity to be self-sufficient and to analyse risks while being prepared to handle the management of a crisis more effectively. We consider that the quality of responsiveness is not only down to the rules. It also relies on our skills and our ability to face our responsibilities.

Being close to the management and able to take rapid decisions is an invaluable advantage, as it permits to act quickly and thus to limit the effects of any potential incident.

Finally, the management team at Perenco aims to optimise the effectiveness of HSE teams by promoting career pathways that combine professional know-how and risk prevention. By doing so, we can guarantee that HSE teams are integrated early on in the conception phase and therefore are able to make proposals legitimately.

Increasingly complex worksites: a real HSE challenge

The maintenance operations of our facilities have all the attention of our HSE managers.

Recently, the company carried out large integrity works on a FPSO, a floating production unit and a crude storage unit. This illustrates the complexity of the operations our HSE teams have to deal with. Works on this site lasted for three years and rallied 120 people on top of the 100 people usually active on the ship, to change 200 tons of steel in confined spaces, difficult to access, while continuing to operate the field reserves. This achievement, unprecedented in the industry, was carried out without any occupational accident or work interruption. This is the result of a close collaboration between all the departments involved: operations management, marine team and HSE management of the subsidiary.