Through the reduction of its CO2 emissions, Perenco is committed to supporting the global effort to reduce the effects of climate change. Perenco records its carbon emissions and discloses them fully to the relevant authorities in each of the countries in which it operates.

Perenco is engaged in a number of innovative initiatives to reduce all scopes of its CO2 emissions, and to minimise its impact. These include, reductions in energy usage through facility optimisation and field efficiency, using gas for power generation, reducing flaring through well activation conversions and reinjection, use of diesel / electric supply vessels to support the offshore activities, conversion of the company car pool to CNG, reducing air travel, and developing gas networks to support the transition from fuels.

In addition, the company is investing in renewable energy sources, and intensive forestation programmes. Perenco is also developing a carbon capture project in the North Sea.

Perenco is committed to helping the countries in which it operates fulfil their climate change pledges. All of the countries in which Perenco operates are signatories to The Paris Agreement. Perenco is working hand in hand with these nations as they balance their energy and economic development needs with their climate change objectives.

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As an operator of mature fields, Perenco is playing an active role in the energy transition. The Group is actively decommissioning redundant infrastructure. It has developed these skills in-house and has now completed several successful decommissioning operations in the North Sea and elsewhere. In addition, Perenco maintains existing infrastructure to a high standard, allowing it to be used safely for longer. This ensures the Group produces more for the same initial carbon cost, thereby reducing the overall carbon footprint per produced reserve.