Perenco is committed to a sustainable, socially responsible approach wherever the company operates. This consists of implementing targeted actions to develop children's access to education, create exchange and sharing platforms and promote and defend cultural heritage.

Supporting Education: Successful Results

In Tunisia or the DRC Perenco participates in the renovation of schools and provides assistance to purchase school furniture, books and stationary. In addition, we fund 100 scholarships every year to enable Muanda’s best students (DRC) to pursue higher education studies.

In Guatemala Perenco supports the “Casa Guatemala” project. This is a non-profit organisation established in 1975, which manages the village of Rio Ducle and hosts 250 children.

In Colombia, Perenco ‘s objective is to improve school conditions for children by providing 1,000 school desks and school kits to the schools located in the company’s operating area.

All these positive commitments result in better school results.

Promoting Cultural Activities

If we want be part of the communities’ cultural development, we also need to create exchange and sharing time. In Colombia, Perenco has set up "Cine Perenco", a programme to enable people from the most remote regions to enjoy entertainment activities.

In the DRC, Perenco Cultural Centre offers a library service, artistic activities, meetings and training sessions and a dedicated unit (the CELVI) specifically designed to learn IT and modern languages.

Defending the Cultural Heritage

In the South of the United Kingdom in Dorset, Perenco has sponsored the construction of the Kimmeridge Village Hall and the installation of the Jurassic Marine Life Museum, where a unique and remarkable collection of over 2,000 marine fossils is displayed.

In Colombia Perenco supports the “Folkloric Casanare Ballet” foundation through the Arts Schools Training Project (EFAS), which teaches young people and adults in Casanare typical folk dances, thereby perpetuating the local culture.