Perenco is deeply committed to contributing to the economic and social development of the countries where we operate. Fostering the creation of local businesses, accompanying micro-entrepreneurship and supporting employment and training are all objectives that rally our teams.

Promoting Local Employment

Perenco sometimes operates in remote, even isolated areas where the company is actually a major economic presence. As a consequence we are particularly careful to encourage the creation of local employment. Also, to promote access to employment through training. Perenco foments the creation of local enterprises as part of our subsidiaries’ projects. The idea is to encourage local businesses to take part in our operations and play a role in constructing, maintaining and safeguarding our infrastructure.

For example the FLNG unit alone (the first floating liquefaction plant in the world) installed off Kribi has generated over 700 jobs.

Supporting Entrepreneurial Projects

In Vietnam and Cameroon, Perenco has chosen to provide support through the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD), which encourages human and economic development through education, training, entrepreneurship and improved access to employment for young people.

Perenco thereby funds the Small & Micro Entrepreneurs (SME) Support programme, to accompany local populations and help them develop their business activity in a structured and sustainable manner. In Vietnam thousands entrepreneurs from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) have already benefited from the programme. They have discovered new management tools, improved their knowledge in marketing, enterprise creation and also built up their confidence through individual coaching and networking events. The program has recently expanded outside of HCMC to reach entrepreneurs from the Mekong Delta and communities in the north thanks to the IECD's "Train of trainers".

In Cameroon, Perenco supports the development of income-generating small business activities in the Kribi area. The programme offers tailor-made training to each entrepreneurial profile which teaches them how to create and stabilise an income-generating activity, set-up a business plan and start a business, manage a business more efficiently and make a commercial activity sustainable over time, or acquire agricultural and agri-food technologies. These actions have already proven successful: 60% companies have seen their turnover increase, 82% are now using management tools following training and more than 25% have recruited staff.

In Tunisia, Perenco has made the choice to support access to credit in partnership with the Financing Bank for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (BFPME).


Developing Vocational Training

Perenco is involved in many training projects that the company has chosen to adapt to each subsidiary or region in order to promote local recruitment and offer professional development opportunities to all our collaborators.

In West Africa, Perenco has partnered with the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts (ICAM), which has launched engineering schools in Congo and Cameroon. The company hosts several students as part of work-study schemes or internships every year.

Another example, in Guatemala, Perenco has partnered with San Carlos University and sponsors environmental research projects. Since last year Perenco has also launched a continuous professional training programme for rotation staff, called “Licenciatura Perenco” - a dedicated university training whose first cohort graduated last June.