The Drilling department is in charge of undertaking exploration and development drilling to maximise production on our mature fields and ensure all our producing wells are well-maintained until the end of their lives. It is a fully integrated activity that brings together over 90 people, all fully involved and dedicated to safety and environment compliance. Today Perenco manages twelve drilling devices and 30 work-over units on land and at sea throughout the world for a portfolio of over 3,000 wells.

From prospective studies to field operations

The Drilling department operates from the acquisition phase or preliminary project by carrying out Prospective Studies to assess the profitability potential of an asset. Drilling engineers analyse well characteristics and estimate operating costs required to maintain or drill new wells, while securing a high-performance production.

With regard to our assets in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the North Sea, which are mostly mature fields, objective is to optimize them by operating differently.

Support team at Paris designs and plans drilling projects in the short, medium and long term, either at a three or five-year horizon.

The support team in Paris determines which type of development and how much investment is required to successfully complete our projects. Drilling department also acts as technical support for our subsidiaries to prepare the works, designs well architecture, manages operations and secures long-term follow-up with teams on-site.

Maintenance activity or workover is crucial for Perenco. Field teams mostly operate to optimise production or repair defective equipment.

Whatever our assignment may be, Drilling department systematically rethinks approach.

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Exposed, complex and demanding jobs

Drilling is primarily a job for engineers who like technical aspects. The ability to manage the unexpected and to take crucial decisions at any time is also essential. It goes hand in hand with a good resilience to stress. This job also demands a lot of professional availability since most drilling careers are spent internationally.

Our collaborators need to be highly mobile and able to adapt easily. Because of all these components this job is a great management school. Drilling and well engineering is a natural route to drilling management jobs, but it also prepares for leadership in other roles.

Alongside our engineers Drilling department employs mechanics, engineers, hydraulic technicians, and less qualified but more experienced profiles, who often start as a workers and progress as surface operators, site managers or drilling/ work-over supervisors.

Perenco is deeply committed to training

In addition to our partnerships with the IFP School (French Institute of Petroleum), Perenco has created a dedicated training in partnership with the French School of Drilling.

Twice already, Perenco has trained ten young people with technical profiles (mechanical, instrumentation or civil engineering) and personalities suited to business sector.

A specific programme has been developed over two years based on a combined work-study training. Today these twenty candidates are work-over or drilling supervisors and operate on Group sites all over the world.

Perenco: a responsible operator with a mindful approach to safety and the environment

Security and environmental policies are key for Perenco and form an integral part of our activity as much as other performance indicators. The Drilling department has a HSE manager in charge of upstream risk prevention who also works with on-site teams, organises awareness campaigns, training exercises and ensure the equipment deployed is suitable. Drilling teams are also extremely vigilant to the environmental impact of our operations.

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