The Projects department is at the core of Perenco’s vocation. The department internally runs all new surface developments from design to implementation in order to closely monitor know-how, costs and deadlines. Our teams are made of project managers and engineers striving to develop a pragmatic engineering approach in a constant bid to deliver a technical and cost-effective performance.

An integrated service from design to implementation

In collaboration with subsidiary teams, the Projects department is in charge of all new surface installation projects for Perenco, whether production or processing facilities, or electric power generation; or even infrastructures, electrical networks and pipelines.

Our teams design a model, project manage it and implement the monitoring.

In the upstream phase Projects department provides conceptual engineering, in other words all process principle studies and the preparation of general guidelines and plans; department also prepares detailed pre-studies or basic studies to define projects and write requirement specifications for tenders.

Innovation at the service of ambitious projects

Perenco manages on average two large projects per year, such as the start-up of a FLNG station or a floating production, storage and offloading unit (FPSO) or even a platform combining processing, electrical power generation and life quarters.

Teams undertake intermediate-size projects like installing a platform dedicated to compression, or supporting wells with a pipeline. We also support current projects linked to site infrastructure needs.

Finally, we carefully ensure that our facilities evolve appropriately to anticipate the upcoming production, to guarantee technical and environmental security conditions and to ensure that the company's business economic model is sustainable. Acting differently, innovating and knowing how to take initiatives are the conditions of a specific know-how in surface facilities, all forming an integral part of Perenco's added value.

plateforme-offshore-projet-Perenco plateforme-offshore-projet-Perenco

HSE managers integrated within Projects teams

Perenco offers a voluntary HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) approach that aims to strengthen the awareness of our employees on safety and security issues that relate to people and facilities as well as the environmental impact of the company's activities. The Project department has a HSE manager who operates early on from basic engineering phases to verify that designs and equipment are well sized and appropriately protected. Perenco also organises operating tests during implementation phases. This non-conventional organisation promotes the synergy of teams while we ensure all together that everyone is safe and that we remain environmentally compliant.