Aboubakri BOCOUM

Cost Controller

Aboubakri put in place the Electronic Project Management for the Projects Department, before working on FPSO La Noumbi in Singapore for a year and then returning to Paris to join the Cost Control Department. A runner, he coached Perenco semi-marathon team and is deeply attached to team spirit.

What is your background ? Why Perenco ?

I graduated with a Master II in Information Management. I started working at Shell as an information officer, an experience I acquired in large companies such as Aéroports de Paris, before coming back to the Oil sector, first to SAIPEM and then to Perenco.

What is your career pathway at Perenco ?

I joined Perenco in 2012 to set up an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system for the Projects Department, something I had already done in my previous jobs. The aim was to facilitate access to project-related technical documentation. New procedures were needed beyond the implementation of the tool, such as the consultation and validation system. I also had to design the deployment methodology. EDM is widely used within the group and especially in the United Kingdom and Africa.
Following this experience, I moved to the position of cost and planning controller. In 2017 I joined the project team assigned to La Noumbi FPSO based in Singapore. I stayed there just over a year with my family. It was a very interesting experience that enabled me to discover Asia and introduced me to a new culture and to other ways to work. We formed a small team of ten people. We were very united, professionally and personally.
I returned to Paris in October 2018 to integrate the Audit department as a cost controller.

What does your job entail and which challenges do you face ?

For me cost control is a new mission. It is about managing all reporting data from subsidiaries, monitoring investments, controlling expenditure relating to operations, sounding the alarm in case of budget variances and making recommendations.
I can rely on my past experience both in data management and also on the ground.
In the end I see if I can improve processes - if possible at all. I like creating and suggesting improvements. This is what I appreciate at Perenco, you get to be a driving force for new ideas and the management listen to you.

Which project are you particularly proud of ?

I managed cost control on La Noumbi Project - a flagship project for the group - which was a major experience and also setting up the EDM. This was a very concrete achievement, a true collaborative project that had an impact on over 500 people throughout the group.

Which corporate value(s) do you most admire at Perenco ?

Optimism is omnipresent in our projects. There is full confidence in success; the company trusts us to meet our goals and successfully tackle challenges.

What would you say to convince someone to join Perenco ?

It is a very interesting group, which fully trusts its collaborators. This makes you feel very involved and deeply committed.
The proximity of the management promotes links between collaborators by creating genuine meeting moments.

Staggered questions
  • What is your favourite word ?


  • And the one that you hate ?


  • A remedy against stress ?


  • In a football team, what position would you play ?


  • What is your favourite acronym ?

    JDI: Just do it!

  • A personality you love to follow ?


  • What do you miss the most when you are far away ?

    Family, friends, the atmosphere of Paris' streets and scents.

  • How do you stay connected to your loved ones ?


  • Your favourite country ?

    France and Senegal

  • Your favourite holidays ?

    Somewhere to discover along with my family.