Group Production Manager

Alexei is a graduate in Petroleum Engineering. He showcases a career shaped by a wide range of varied experiences, which have given him a broad technical competence. His professional journey has taken him on four continents, from Congo to Vietnam, where he has relentlessly brought the values and model of the company to his teams.

What did you study ?

I graduated from ESTP and continued my studies with a master in Petroleum Engineering at Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, before joining Shell as a reservoir engineer. After less than two years, I decided to move to a human-sized company, which would offer site assignments with real responsibilities. So I joined Perenco in 2001.

Can you describe your professional journey with Perenco ?

I started as a field engineer in Gabon, onshore, in an isolated field in the middle of the forest. At the time I felt I had been parachuted in a sea of greenery and I that lived a real adventure. Then I was assigned to the facilities of the Emeraude field in Congo. These experiences in rotation lasted for three years. It was a very exciting period, when the strong company growth fostered a rapid internal promotion.
In 2004 I asked to be transferred to an expatriate position, along with my family. I was first appointed to Great Yarmouth in the United Kingdom, a subsidiary that Perenco had just opened. I was responsible for the Petroleum Engineering department with a team of 10 people and a significant well intervention component.
In 2006 I returned to Gabon where I stayed for three years as a geosciences manager, a job that also integrates a major study component. Our tasks were to carry out the monitoring of wells and reservoirs and to define development projects for ground deposits in close cooperation with the Operations department. For offshore deposits and exploration, we would work with headquarters' teams.
In 2009 I took up the same position in Cameroon but with a more versatile and transversal role. At the time it was still a small subsidiary. Then in 2010 I joined the DRC subsidiary. There, I had a wealth of extremely enriching experiences, both personally and professionally.
In 2012 I left Africa for Peru. I was lucky to arrive at the time of the field recovery by Perenco, just when the development plan was being defined, so I could take part to the start-up of the project for the production launch. It was a very complex project from a technical aspect, with a very heavy oil.
In 2015 I changed continent again. I moved to Asia, to Vietnam. Perenco operates there as part of a joint-venture. In this context my role was indeed very different. 

My journey illustrates one of the specificities of the company, which offers multiple experiences. It is an asset because it allows us to share a common base of technical knowledge and thereby to better collaborate. It is a real performance factor.

What does your job entail and which challenges do you face ?

The Production department manages well optimisation. Our mission mainly aims to improve the production of the deposits in operation. We identify opportunities to develop new reserves and optimise those which have already been developed. We look at the reservoir, the borehole interface and the activation…

We intervene at three levels. The first consists in offering technical support. They introduce their projects and question us on their technical integrity. Our role is to challenge their proposals with regard to the history, showing more hindsight than the teams on site.
The second consists in consolidating and streamlining all the production information reported by the subsidiaries. 
The third component relates to the training of our engineers. We host our collaborators before they leave as expatriates and after their missions in rotation, to develop their knowledge and exposure to various technical aspects.

How would you introduce the company ?

Perenco is a human-sized, committed and involving family company.
It is a dynamic group, flexible and reactive, that aims towards progress.

Which corporate value(s) do you most admire at Perenco ?

At Perenco it is an intrinsic value.

Staggered questions
  • Your favourite word


  • And the one that you hate ?

    Status quo

  • A way to relieve stress ?


  • In a football team, what position would you play ?


  • What is your favourite acronym ?


  • Someone or a character that you love to follow ?

    Rafael Nadal

  • What do you miss the most when you are a long way from home ?

    Radio France

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  • Your favourite country ?

    It is impossible to choose!

  • Your favourite holidays ?

    Sporty holidays