Business Development Manager

Denis started his career in finance but took an operational turn in Africa when assigned the role of Subsidiary General Manager, first in Congo and then in Gabon. In 2016 he was appointed Head of New Business for the Group. Denis is a skilled negotiator who intervenes on new oil and gas field acquisition projects to accompany the company's growth. He constantly looks for growth relays while contributing to protect and develop Perenco’s oil and gas heritage by supporting subsidiaries’ management.

Why did you choose Perenco? What is your career pathway ?

I joined Perenco in 2004 as CFO Africa. I held this position for three years until 2007 when I was offered the position of General Manager for the Congo subsidiary.

At Perenco it was the first time ever that a general manager position was offered to a "financial" in Africa. In 2010, I was appointed in London as Head of External Relations - a support function to help subsidiary managers when negotiating oil concession contracts. In 2012 I headed Gabon’s general management to implement the new strategic road map (gas development) and restructure the subsidiary. In 2014 I returned to London as a Group Commercial Manager. At that time I joined the FNLG project team in Cameroon to negotiate all its contractual and commercial aspects. Together with the team we managed to define all the technical and commercial challenges of this unique project starting from a blank page: it was an extraordinary experience!

In 2016 the shareholder decided to renew the management team and I was appointed Business Development Manager (or Head of Business Development – both terms are used!).

What does your role entail and which challenges do you face ?

My role consists in supporting the external growth of the company through oil or gas fields
acquisitions in countries where are already operating or in new countries. In the countries where we
already have a presence I also have an advisory role with subsidiaries’ general managers to support
the development of their oil and gas assets and the promotion of new investment projects.
In the New Business activity, performance is our ability to find, negotiate and buy (or sell) oil assets
that perfectly match the company strategy today, to prepare the PERENCO of tomorrow.

Which corporate value(s) do you admire the most at Perenco ?

There are two: Passion and Responsibility.

What is your vision for tomorrow ?

Disseminate company culture among the younger generations who join us: passion, risk-taking,
adventure and a sense of responsibility. Also, generate the growth needed to acquire new talents
and offer our collaborators numerous and varied career opportunities.

Staggered questions
  • What is your favourite word?


  • And the word that you hate?

    "But I did send you an email..."

  • A remedy against stress?


  • In a football team, what position would you play?


  • What is your favourite acronym?


  • A personality you love to follow?

    Hubert Reeves

  • What do you miss the most when you are far away from home?

    My family

  • How do you stay connected to your loved ones?


  • Your favourite country?

    The Moon

  • Your favourite holidays?

    Anywhere under the sun (because I live in London!)