DRC Communication Manager

Since 2012, after a career of 14 years as a journalist, Flor has been entrusted with communication for Perenco DRC subsidiary. Keen to create links and strengthen cohesion within the company, he has created the Muanda Oil Magazine, a way to relay information about the subsidiary.

Can you tell us about your career pathway? Your professional journey?

Initially, I wanted to be an architect. I started a course at the Institute of Building and Public Works before reorienting myself to my second passion, journalism.

I was a TV host for two years but as I wanted to improve, I enrolled in the School of Journalism of Kinshasa and the IFASIC (Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences) where I graduated in Public Relations and Corporate Communication.

I was lucky enough to continue working during my studies and to gain experience in press agencies, TV, radio, print media and in the communication team of a government department.

Eager to leave the media world, I applied to major international companies as a Communication Manager. I had previously had the opportunity to discover Perenco during the shooting of a documentary. I liked the company. They quickly responded to my application with an operational position immediately available. I did not hesitate!

What does your role entail and which challenges do you face?

I am in charge of the communication for Perenco in the DRC subsidiary. As such, I focus on managing the image of the company with internal and external audiences.

I created a magazine, the Muanda Oil Magazine, published twice a year and distributed to all the employees of the subsidiary. We also send it to the Press, Ministries, Kinshasa Institutions and our partners.

Muanda Oil Magazine

The objective is to communicate on our achievements, in terms of production but also in terms of social achievements. We systematically dedicate at least two pages to environmental and safety topics. We report on training and we publish the winner of the Safety Cup. The magazine is made from interviews with the management and experts. My goal is to highlight all the business lines of our company here in the DRC. This means I have the chance to visit our onshore and offshore sites, to tour the subsidiary and to meet many collaborators.

I also manage all our press and media relations. I have worked to build privileged relationships with the local media by keeping them regularly informed of the societal projects in which we are involved, such as agroforestry.

I also prepare a weekly press review for all teams. This allows employees, including those in rotation, to stay connected to the outside world. I operate a watch on a wide variety of topics, of course hydrocarbons, but also politics, security, the economy and sports.

Finally, I oversee the functioning of the Perenco Cultural Centre, which offers a library, arts, meetings and training, with an area dedicated to learning modern languages and computer science, the CELVI.

What do you like most about your job?

I am curious and anxious to make sure that everything is reported just right. To complete the Muanda Oil Magazine, I go to sites and platforms to meet the employees. It allows me to have a global vision of the company and to share what I see. This is what I like.

Which project are you particularly proud of?

With the magazine and the press review, I have created a bond and fostered a sense of belonging to society. The fact I give the floor to everyone, or, in any case, that I ensure everyone is well represented by bringing the light on each trade, reinforces the cohesion within the company.

What is your greatest contribution to Perenco?

The Muanda Oil Magazine.
I provide content production, layout, print tracking and distribution.

Which one of your qualities is most appreciated at Perenco?

My professional skills, my objectivity, my temperance and my ability to work with people.

How would you describe Perenco?

Perenco is an onshore and offshore oil company operating in the DRC Kongo Central Province, with an average production of 25,000 barrels a day. It is currently the only oil producer in the country.

One of the great characteristics of this subsidiary is its social and environmental involvement. The company finances education, health, and employment projects, as well as the construction of infrastructure. Perenco also runs a power station that can supply the entire city of Muanda and a dozen surrounding villages.

We also develop events where people come together, whether through the cultural centre or sporting events. For example, every year, we organise an inter-village football tournament. Perenco has its own team. It is an opportunity to meet the inhabitants of the villages, to interact in a different environment, outside formal frameworks. These are important moments.

Which corporate value(s) do you most admire at Perenco?

I think you have to be passionate to get to the bottom of things.
When I travel, when I go on site, I see people passionate about their jobs. This is why they are proud of their achievements. It shows in their eyes.

What would you say to convince someone to join Perenco?

Perenco is a responsible company, which respects its commitments and takes each employee into consideration. Each person is at the centre of the company concerns, whether it is about their health, security or career-wise.

Staggered questions
  • Your favourite word ?


  • And one that you hate ?


  • A way to relieve stress?

    Music and arts.

  • In a football team, what position would you play?


  • What is your favourite acronym?


  • Someone or a character that you like to follow?

    Nobody in particular.

  • What do you miss the most when you are far away?

    My wife and kids.

  • How do you stay connected to your loved ones?

    By all possible means! 

  • Your favourite country?

    The DRC and Canada.

  • Your favourite holidays?

    With my family