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Guillaume DENIS

Group Network & Telecomms Manager

Passionate about proposals, Guillaume is fully committed to the founding spirit of the company, the pioneering spirit. Creative and receptive, he describes himself as a negotiator. He likes understanding what is required and designing a solution that is both sustainable and flexible, to ensure projects are completed successfully and to keep up with progress. This 42-year-old engineer likes to be trusted and does not want be stuck in processes. For 10 years, he has followed a fulfilling career with a role at the heart of Perenco IT department.

Can you tell us about your career pathway? Your professional journey?

I am an engineer by training. I studied at the National Institute of Telecommunications. After my second year of studies, I took a gap year, which I spent in a company.
I needed to put my studies in perspective to get a clearer vision, before going into my 3rd year and choosing what to specialise in. 
Upon finishing my studies, I worked in a consulting firm, which was of great value, it was 100% made up of engineers. For three years, I had a wide variety of roles in many sectors.
I was very quickly attracted towards industrial companies.
I then worked for the luxury group Richemont. I was in charge of the telecom networks, but I was soon able to widen my scope by working at the data centre and visiting the various group sites in the world. When the management decided to outsource the networks, I decided to leave the company: I did not want to be disconnected from the operational aspect.
This is when I was approached by Perenco.

What motivated you to join Perenco?

What attracted me and what I still appreciate today is that Perenco is a company in motion. There are constantly new projects and acquisitions.

What does your role entail at Perenco?

My role is to optimize and manage the network for the Group.

In reality, this consists of knowing their needs, understanding the ins and outs of a request, being a step ahead, facilitating exchanges between services, projecting into the future, proposing the most relevant project and constantly evolving with our system. 

At Perenco, through our network, it is possible to manage all automated figures related to production and feedback information. Historically, the network was managed locally. We now have centralised and internalised everything: design, schematics, purchases, configurations, installation and maintenance.


Which challenges do you face in your job ?

Finding solutions, maintaining these solutions over time and adding value.

The IT department is fully aligned with the company's philosophy. You have to have a pioneering spirit, to be creative. For us, it is important to identify the user's needs and serve as accurately as possible, but always in an adaptable and flexible way. This often leads us to develop specific solutions and to divert existing standards that then become Perenco standards. 

What do you like most about your job?

Managing everything from A to Z, by ourselves.

Which corporate value(s) do you most admire at Perenco?

Responsibility. Perenco is a company that empowers its employees.

Staggered questions
  • Your favourite word ?


  • And the word one that you hate ?


  • A way to relieve stress ?

    My Rubik’s Cube.

  • In a football team, what position would you play?


  • What is your favourite acronym ?

    GDBFO (it’s mine: for my ears only!).

  • A person that you love to follow ?

    Cédric Villani

  • What is it that you miss the most when you are far away?

    My daughter

  • How do you stay connected to your loved ones?


  • Your favourite country ?

    Madagascar, my first backpacking trip, to see an eclipse.

  • Your favourite holiday ?

    Exploring around.