SAP Logistics Manager

From Guatemala, where she was born, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil, Mary has progressed from IT to her current role, SAP Logistics Manager. In 17 years, she has overseen the implementation of SAP throughout Latin America. Open to change, with a genuine desire to learn and understand, Mary loves teamwork and dialogue and never says no to a new challenge!

What is your professional story? Your career pathway?

I have a degree in Information Technology.
I started my career at a University, as a database and Microsoft Access teacher. While doing this, I also worked for the German Foreign Aid Service on setting up a land registry IT system; the project for which I led my first team. Then, I joined a large consumer goods company. I was responsible for the Central America and Caribbean regions.

What motivated you to join Perenco?

I started working in the oil industry when I was still at university. The Guatemalan branch of the company I worked for was acquired by Perenco.
As in any acquisition, change is a difficult but very interesting process. The ways of working were very different; we learned a lot.

What do you like most about your job?

The human contact, the ability to work with users from several countries, who have their own ways of doing things, even if we share the same goal.

The fact that there is continuous learning.

Even though I have been working for Perenco for 18 years, I have never been bored, it changes all the time !

Which corporate value(s) do you most admire at Perenco, and why?

For me, all the values are important - but I relate above all to Passion, Optimism and Integrity.
These are values that I have come across in my colleagues, particularly in the subsidiaries.

Staggered questions
  • Your favourite word ?


  • The word that you hate ?

    Delay (on the subway)

  • A way to relieve stress ?

    Having a big laugh and a joke and playing music with my colleagues during our lunch hour.

  • In a football team, which position would you play?


  • What is your favourite acronym?

    OMG (Oh my God !)

  • Someone or a character that you like to follow?


  • What do you miss the most when you are far away from home?

    My family

  • How do you stay connected to your loved ones?


  • Your favourite country?

    I have two: Guatemala and France. 

  • Your favourite holidays ?

    Discovering or rediscovering Guatemala