Tunisia procurement Manager

Procurement officer for local and international purchasing at Perenco Tunisia, Nabil appreciates working within a young team and is motivated by the numerous challenges to be met, which demand rigour and organisation.

What is your background? Your career pathway at Perenco ?

I joined Perenco in 2005 after a Master in Economic and Social Administration. It was at Perenco that I learnt my profession as a buyer and that I understood the need to be extremely organised. In 2007 I left the company to diversify my experience. I worked more specifically for a drilling company that sent me abroad, mainly to Africa and Asia.
I re-integrated Perenco teams in 2017 as a procurement manager in the Supply Chain department.

What does your job entail and which challenges do you face ?

I am in charge of local and international purchasing for the Tunisian subsidiary. I work with all the operational and functional departments (RH and finance, etc.).
We manage the supplier database and handle orders, routing to sites, storage and the warehouse.
Our challenge consists in optimising equipment purchase and service procurement according to our needs at the best possible cost and within optimised lead-times.
Since coming back to the subsidiary, I have implemented new working methods and identified potential suppliers, so that I can give preference to direct links with manufacturers. Thanks to my past experience acquired internationally, I have been able to compile an address book of qualified contacts.
For some projects I do not hesitate to solicit my counterparts in other subsidiaries. I also liaise with headquarters, who are here to support us and advise in the case of master agreements.

What do you like best in your job ?

I appreciate working for an operator rather than a service company because assignments are more diverse. I do like challenges, especially when a specific request is made. I must find the best solution to successfully tackle the challenge.

Which corporate value(s) do you most admire at Perenco ?

Courage and optimism.

What would you say to convince someone to join Perenco ?

Perenco is a company that does not hesitate to entrust young people with responsibilities. This is such an opportunity.
One must know how to get organised and manage his/her time while respecting company principles. You truly have the opportunity to build your own career pathway. It is motivating!

Staggered questions
  • What is your favourite word ?

    Thank you

  • And the one you hate ?


  • A remedy against stress ?

    Going out for a walk

  • In a football team, what position would you play ?


  • What is your favourite acronym ?


  • A personality you love to follow.


  • What do you miss the most when you are far away ?

     My family

  • How do you stay connected to your loved ones ?

    Using any possible tool!

  • Your favourite country ?

    The United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

  • Your favourite holidays ?

    On the beach