Offshore Installation Manager - MIOC

The son of a Breton sailor, Yann chose the oil sector and quickly joined Perenco after completing his studies in Aberdeen. As a site manager, Yann really likes to supervise teams on the field where he shows perseverance and thoroughness. Looking back on 20 years spent in

What did you study ? Why did you chose Perenco ?

After studying science of materials in Lorient, I decided to continue my studies with a BSc Hons specialising in applied physics in Scotland at the University of Aberdeen - the European oil capital. I topped up my training with a Master of Science in Offshore Engineering. During my last year I joined an American company based in Aberdeen (FRANK'S Int.) as a completion engineer. But it was a sedentary job. I, for one, wanted to travel! Being born from a family of Breton sailors, I was exposed to the lifestyle of working in rotation very early on. So I applied at CGG, a French service company which hired me as a navigator on a seismic boat. This first job allowed me to discover many countries from Brazil to the North Sea: Nigeria, Angola, Congo and Gabon... Following the advice of a friend I applied at Perenco. When I saw their logo with the ermine, I could not believe my eyes!

Can you describe your professional journey with Perenco ?

In 2001 I started in DRC onshore as a site production engineer. At last, I was able to see real pumps...
I had crude in my hands! I stayed for two rotations before being appointed as a site manager in Rembo Kotto in Gabon, where I stayed for a year. I do not know whether my Breton origins had an impact on the choice of my assignments, because later, I was mainly assigned offshore on floating storage units: first in Gabon on FSO Bon Bateau, which has since been replaced by the Fernan Vaz; in DRC on the Muadi site; in Cameroon on FSO Moudi and again in Gabon on FSO Banio, before being reassigned onshore to the Batanga site. I have stayed on average two years on each site in rotation, 6 weeks on/ 6 weeks off.
In 2012, aged 40, I was appointed HSE coordinator in Gabon. I was in charge of providing technical support and safety support to the site managers of the subsidiary. It was a new and interesting experience but after two years I chose to go back to site operations. I was appointed on FSO Mayumba where I stayed during a very busy year. In 2016 I returned to the DRC (after 10 years spent in Gabon) a location which I particularly like for its human aspect. I came back as an Offshore Installation Manager (IOM)... a bit older and above all, much more experienced! This return was most beneficial, as it allowed me to make significant advances that quickly brought a production increase and improved the reliability of our facilities.

What does your job entail and which challenges do you face ?

The site is very large. It has about 30 platforms, including four large platforms with automatic controllers which are staffed day and night. The other platforms are "uninhabited" but we visit them regularly. Every intervention on a jacket requires a significant logistic that we try to optimise.
It is also a complex highly interconnected site, with gas lift, ESP and water injections. We have several wells that produce paraffin, which requires scrapping actions with dedicated teams (slickline).
It is thereby necessary to have good technical skills and to show a great rigour to handle the entire site.
My job also consists in managing the teams. You need to be aware of the staff, know how to support people and congratulate them.

Which corporate value(s) do you most admire at Perenco ?

The Trust our managers place in us, starting from François Perrodo.

What would you say to convince someone to join Perenco ?

Perenco brings a unique opportunity to experience field work, be in charge of onshore and offshore operations and to manage teams.

Staggered questions
  • Your favourite word ?

    It will do!

  • And the one that you hate ?


  • A way to relieve stress ?


  • In a football team, what position would you play ?

    Full back... to distribute.

  • What is your favourite acronym ?


  • Someone or a character that you love to follow ?

    Laird Hamilton, a free rider, and inventor and a developer (windsurf, extreme surf, kite surf, tow- in surf, and surf foil paddle...)

  • What do you miss the most when you are a long way from home ?

    My children

  • How do you stay connected with your loved ones ?


  • Your favourite country ?


  • Your favourite holiday ?

    Relaxing with my family.