Since 2003, Perenco has been present in the British Southern North Sea Basin (SNS) and since 2011, the company has operated Europe's largest onshore oil field in Wytch Farm.

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Activities Perenco in the North Sea

In the North Sea, Perenco is a top operator with almost 15% of the national gas production and the largest infrastructure, comprising 45 offshore platforms, 14 subsea wells, a network of more than 2,400 km of pipelines and two onshore terminals, Bacton and Dimlington.

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North South

Perenco operates 240 wells distributed in its historical fields, Leman and Indefatigable, the LAPS complex, Trent and other associated fields, the Cleeton fields (including Wollaston, Whittle, Ravenspurn North and Ravenspurn South), the West Sole fields (comprising West Sole, Hyde, Hoton and Newsham fields) and the Amethyst field.

The crude gas production comes to about 490 mcf per day.

In 2017, Perenco drilled a new well on a deep water deposit, the Carboniferous, which lies several hundred of metres below the existing Ravenspurn gas field, thus allowing the extension of its lifespan and the creation of genuine synergies with the existing facilities. Perenco has already committed, from now on, to continue its development strategy by planning the drilling of two new wells as of 2019.
At the same time, a phase of modernisation of the facilities has been initiated with the aim of adjusting the compression platforms, offshore teams and logistical requirements in order to meet the current production needs.
The company has also scheduled to optimise its automation facilities for the smaller platforms and to transform its logistic resources.

In the North Sea, Perenco must face a new challenge: managing fields at the end of their economic life. Perenco, as a mature field specialist, is particularly concerned by the dismantling of its facilities and has already implemented four dismantling operations, two of which are under way: Welland (2010-2016), Thames (2013-2018), Tyne (started in 2016) and more recently Guinevere. These operations are fully internalised and the company has already been able to integrate all the required resources, technologies and skills.

Perenco operates the largest North Sea infrastructure, and carries a large amount of gas through its pipeline network, in addition to its own production and its partners' production, to its two terminals, Bacton and Dimlington. Over there, the gas is processed and exported to the United Kingdom national grid.

Wytch Farm

Perenco holds a 95% share in the Wytch Farm and Wareham fields, and a 100% share in the Kimmeridge field.

Wytch Farm is often described as the largest onshore field in Europe, with initial quoted reserves of 500 million bbls. It started production in 1979 however a much bigger phase of development took place  in 1993 after the discovery of oil in the deeper Sherwood reservoir. The field has been developed with 10 sites and 100 development wells, including injectors which are  connected back to a Central Gathering and Processing site.  Production is exported via a dedicated  91 km 16” pipeline owned by Perenco to the Hamble Terminal. 

The field is currently  producing  approximately 14,000 boepd and approximately 350,000  bbls of  water are processed and injected back into the reservoir. 


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