In America, there are different grades of crude spread between Colombia (Vasconia), Guatemala (Xan Coban), Peru (Pirana Blend) and Trinidad and Tobago (Galeota Mix).



Vasconia is a medium sulphur crude available at the Covenas Terminal. Crude oil from these oil fields operated by Perenco is transported by Oleoducto De Columbia (ODC) to the terminal.

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Xan Coban

Xan Coban is a heavy sulphur crude oil available in Santo Tomas de Castilla. Xan Coban is a blend resulting from the production of the Xan oil field and other crude oils produced in the Coban region. Production is piped 474 km from the coast to the terminal.

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Pirana Blend

Pirana Blend is a medium sulphur crude from the blend of 15% diluent (Naphtha) and 85% Pirana crude oil. The diluent is transported to the oil fields by barges after being stored in the El Manati FSU. The separate mixture is then exported from Bayovar by barge, pipelines and also by the FSU El Manati.

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Trinidad and Tobago

Galeota Mix

In 2016, Perenco acquired a 70% stake from Repsol in Teak, Samaan and Poui (TSP), where the current production is around 14,000 BOEPD. TSP oil is mixed with BPTT condensate to form the Galeota Mix, available for export at BPTT's Galeota Point Terminal, Southeast of Trinidad and Tobago.