In Africa, grades of crude are spread between Congo (Djeno, Yombo and Nkossa), the DRC (Coco), Cameroon (Kole, Lokele and Ebome) and Gabon (Oguendjo, Lucina, Rabi Light and Mandji).



Djeno is a medium sweet crude available at the Djeno Terminal off the Congo. CongoRep runs the oil fields of Emeraude and Likouala, whose production is blended with Djeno. Perenco Congo SA operates the Southern PNGF fields.

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Yombo is an IMO-2020 compatible low sulphur Fuel Oil available from the newly commisionned La Noumbi FPSO.

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Congo Composite (CoCo) is a medium sweet crude available on Kalamu FSO. It comes from the production of seven main oil fields, which are located both onshore and offshore.

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Kole is a medium sweet crude available from the FSO of Massongo, which results from the production of about thirty different offshore oil fields in Northern Cameroon.

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Lokele is a dense and sweet crude available on the FSO of Massongo, with a  quality different from Kole.

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Ebome is a very light sweet crude oil available at the FSO La Lobe, through which pass the production of KF, KB, Baf oil-fields and stabilised condensates originated from the production of LNG.

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The Oguendjo blend is available from the Fernan Vaz FSO and results from the production of a dozen oil fields operated by Perenco off Northern Gabon. Since January 2015, Olende, Tchatamba and the historical blend of Oguendjo have all been associated and a unique blend is available for loading on the Fernan Vaz with a production of around 45,000 BOEPD.

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Terminal_Gabon-Mayumba-Perenco Terminal_Gabon-Mayumba-Perenco


Lucina is an extra light sweet crude available from the Mayumba FSO. It comes from the offshore production of M'bya and Mwengui in Southern Gabon.

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Mandji is a medium crude oil available at Cap Lopez Terminal, northwest of Port Gentil, Gabon.

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Rabi Light

Rabi Light is a very low sulphur, light crude produced in Gabon from the fields of Rabi, Coucal, Avocette, Tsiengui, Ozangue and Ezanga.

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