Perenco is above all the story of women and men determined to go further who have followed atypical routes, punctuated by discoveries and accountability. It is also about sharing common values. Discover their portraits, written from their testimonies.

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Three weeks of training in the DRC have been decisive in the course of Glen’s career, who chose Africa to start rotation assignments. Since 2015, he has worked on various sites in Congo, including an oil field operating with gas-lifted wells, a FPSO tanker, and now more recently an onshore gas processing facility, as part of the ambitious FLNG project in Cameroon. This passionate traveller is ready to take on any challenge, including learning French!

Glen JONES Onshore Operations Engineer
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After a rounded education, Gabriel chose to complete a Master’s Degree, which makes him a true engineering professional. At Perenco, he began his career in production in Africa, before continuing as a Reservoir Engineer in London, where he was also involved in an application project to standardise the reporting and management of production data. Ready to take on numerous responsibilities, engaged and motivated, he is aware of the humility needed to master his job. After two years in the United Kingdom, he is preparing to move to the Congo with his family.

Gabriel DUBRULE Reservoir Engineer
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Nina initially trained as a teacher; her main focus is to be as close as possible to her Perenco Gabon collaborators, to hear their aspirations and accompany their careers. She is committed and passionate about her job within the Human Resources Department, which she joined in 2012 and is now heading.

Nina Flore ZOGO MBOULOU Gabon Human Resources Manager
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employee-Flor-Nzala-Perenco employee-Flor-Nzala-Perenco

Since 2012, after a career of 14 years as a journalist, Flor has been entrusted with communication for Perenco DRC subsidiary. Keen to create links and strengthen cohesion within the company, he has created the Muanda Oil Magazine, a way to relay information about the subsidiary.

Flor NZALA DRC Communication Manager
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After acquiring his initial experience in Algeria, Daniel joined Perenco Congo, where he has worked on many sites: platforms, terminals and FPSO. A “memory man” for Perenco, he has accompanied the Operations Manager in Congo since 2003. He more specifically oversees operations on FPSO Conkouati and coordinates facilities’ maintenance.

Daniel WATOUKOULA Congo Operations Deputy Manager
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Benjamin is an explorer at heart. A passionate geologist, he is creative, loves starting projects from scratch and then developing them, finding compromises along the way, writing a story and convincing others. A true oil researcher! After two years in London, this 30-year-old qualified engineer has been based in Paris since September 2014.

Benjamin MONTICONE Geologist
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