Perenco is above all the story of women and men determined to go further who have followed atypical routes, punctuated by discoveries and accountability. It is also about sharing common values. Discover their portraits, written from their testimonies.

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employe-Louis-Hannecart-Perenco employe-Louis-Hannecart-Perenco

Attracted to work as an expatriate, Louis very quickly chose the oil industry. He decided to put his numerous skills at the service of ambitious projects, such as exploiting mature fields in deep water, thus demonstrating the sustainability of the company model.

Louis HANNECART Congo General Manager
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employee-Alexandre-Andrieu-Perenco employee-Alexandre-Andrieu-Perenco employee-Alexandre-Andrieu-Perenco employee-Alexandre-Andrieu-Perenco

Having joined the company in 2017, Alexandre started his career at Perenco via an unprecedented route, before moving to Congo as a financial manager. A very versatile role that allows him to value his past experience as a consultant to accompany the growth projects of the subsidiary, with strong challenges of cost-control and cost-effectiveness, but also with regards to local contents and marketing.

Alexandre ANDRIEU Congo Financial Manager
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employee-Guillaume-Denis-Perenco employee-Guillaume-Denis-Perenco employee-Guillaume-Denis-Perenco employee-Guillaume-Denis-Perenco

Passionate about proposals, Guillaume is fully committed to the founding spirit of the company, the pioneering spirit. Creative and receptive, he describes himself as a negotiator. He likes understanding what is required and designing a solution that is both sustainable and flexible, to ensure projects are completed successfully and to keep up with progress. This 42-year-old engineer likes to be trusted and does not want be stuck in processes. For 10 years, he has followed a fulfilling career with a role at the heart of Perenco IT department.

Guillaume DENIS Group Network & Telecomms Manager
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employee-Eric-Gilles-responsable-Perenco employee-Eric-Gilles-responsable-Perenco

Eric joined the oil industry after 19 years in the French Navy. He has been in charge of maintenance operations at Perenco since 2008, mainly in the DRC, but also in Cameroon from 2011 to 2015, during the Rio del Rey takeover. In Kinkasi, he heads a team of 70 people, who have the task to maintain the company installations, including the production and process facilities, as well as the power plant.

Eric GILLES Maintenance Superintendent
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Aboubakri put in place the Electronic Project Management for the Projects Department, before working on FPSO La Noumbi in Singapore for a year. A runner, he coached Perenco semi-marathon team and is deeply attached to team spirit.

Aboubakri BOCOUM Cost Controller
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employee-Mike-Tony-Chambou-Perenco employee-Mike-Tony-Chambou-Perenco

Aged only 25, Mike Tony already has over four years of experience at Perenco. Eager to learn, dynamic and committed, he works as an expatriate based in Congo. He is passionate about his job and is currently preparing for a major exploration and development drilling campaign, which is expected to last for approximately 18 months.

Mike Tony CHEMBOU Drilling Engineer
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