Perenco is above all the story of women and men determined to go further who have followed atypical routes, punctuated by discoveries and accountability. It is also about sharing common values. Discover their portraits, written from their testimonies.

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With a professional journey rich of many years of experience in the group, Laurent has the ambition to change the English subsidiary, not only by transforming its facilities but also the ways it operates, by motivating teams to show more creativity and bring new ideas. A challenge that matches the multiple projects undertaken by the subsidiary, including the dismantling ones, for which the United Kingdom is a precursor in the group.

Laurent COMBE UK SNS - General Manager
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This young mother of two, who loves nature, has already completed more than eight project installations over 13 years - from the Gabonese forest to the Sinai desert- and piloted the pre-project department at Perenco.  Adeline is motivated by the idea of managing complex projects and likes working with multidisciplinary teams composed of engineers. She also works with on-site installers. Today, Adeline coordinates one of the company's most innovative projects, the FLNG project.

Adeline THOMASSET FLNG Project Coordinator
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Alexei is a graduate in Petroleum Engineering. He showcases a career shaped by a wide range of varied experiences, which have given him a broad technical competence. His professional journey has taken him on four continents, from Congo to Vietnam, where he has relentlessly brought the values and model of the company to his teams.

Alexei KOUIDRI Group Production Manager
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employe-Louis-Hannecart-Perenco employe-Louis-Hannecart-Perenco

Attracted to work as an expatriate, Louis very quickly chose the oil industry. He decided to put his numerous skills at the service of ambitious projects, such as exploiting mature fields in deep water, thus demonstrating the sustainability of the company model.

Louis HANNECART Congo General Manager
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From Guatemala, where she was born, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil, Mary has progressed from IT to her current role, SAP Logistics Manager. In 17 years, she has overseen the implementation of SAP throughout Latin America. Open to change, with a genuine desire to learn and understand, Mary loves teamwork and dialogue and never says no to a new challenge!

Mary SANTIZO SAP Logistics Manager
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Passionate about earth sciences and travelling, Florence naturally decided to follow geology studies. Her will to learn and to better understand led her to choose an early career in the field. Her curiosity, enthusiasm and determination are now taking her to Gabon for a new adventure

Florence BOUTELIER Geologist
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