Perenco is above all the story of women and men determined to go further who have followed atypical routes, punctuated by discoveries and accountability. It is also about sharing common values. Discover their portraits, written from their testimonies.

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This young mother of two, who loves nature, has already completed more than eight project installations over 13 years - from the Gabonese jungle to the Sinai desert- and piloted the pre-project department at Perenco.  Adeline is motivated by the idea of managing complex projects and likes working with multidisciplinary teams composed of engineers, whether in Paris or in  the subsidiaries. She also works with on-site installers. Today, Adeline coordinates one of the company's most innovative projects, the FLNG project.

Adeline THOMASSET FLNG Project Coordinator
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employee-Nicolas-Serre-Perenco employee-Nicolas-Serre-Perenco employee-Nicolas-Serre-Perenco employee-Nicolas-Serre-Perenco

After starting his career in rotation and expatriation, which allowed him to acquire a pragmatic knowledge and to take on many responsibilities, Nicolas has enjoyed being able to take part to one of the flagship programmes of the company, the FLNG project - from the technical evaluation to the contractual negotiations with the private partners and the State. He then took on the role of General Manager in Venezuela before being appointed Group Operations Manager for the company.

Nicolas SERRE Group Operations Manager
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employee-Mike-Tony-Chambou-Perenco employee-Mike-Tony-Chambou-Perenco employee-Mike-Tony-Chambou-Perenco employee-Mike-Tony-Chambou-Perenco

Aged only 25, Mike Tony already has over four years of experience at Perenco. Eager to learn, dynamic and committed, he works as an expatriate based in Congo. He is passionate about his job and is currently preparing for a major exploration and development drilling campaign, which is expected to last for approximately 18 months.

Mike Tony CHEMBOU Drilling Engineer
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employe-Louis-Hannecart-Perenco employe-Louis-Hannecart-Perenco employe-Louis-Hannecart-Perenco employe-Louis-Hannecart-Perenco

Attracted to work as an expatriate, Louis very quickly chose the oil industry. He decided to put his numerous skills at the service of ambitious projects, such as exploiting mature fields in deep water, thus demonstrating the sustainability of the company model.

Louis HANNECART Congo General Manager
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employee-Olivier-Stocchi-Perenco employee-Olivier-Stocchi-Perenco employee-Olivier-Stocchi-Perenco employee-Olivier-Stocchi-Perenco

Marketing manager since 2016, in charge of commercialising Perenco oil and gas production, Olivier was one of the youngest subsidiaries managers when he took up his role as general manager of Turkey and Iraq aged only 35 years old. Olivier is an adventure enthusiast, who loves exploration and geology. He knows how to learn from his multiple, enriching experiences, independently of any geographic, climate, political or economic context.

Olivier STOCCHI Marketing Manager, Oil & Gas
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Attracted by a career fostering operational and human experiences, Reza joined the group in 2000. From 2015 to summer 2018 he was appointed general manager for Perenco Tunisia, a growing subsidiary where he had to drive change by getting newcomers to embrace the values ​​of the company. Since then, Reza has moved to Colombia as a General Manager.

Reza MERED Colombia General Manager
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