Perenco is above all the story of women and men determined to go further who have followed atypical routes, punctuated by discoveries and accountability. It is also about sharing common values. Discover their portraits, written from their testimonies.

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Nina initially trained as a teacher; her main focus is to be as close as possible to her Perenco Gabon collaborators, to hear their aspirations and accompany their careers. She is committed and passionate about her job within the Human Resources Department, which she joined in 2012 and is now heading.

Nina ZOGO MBOULOU Gabon Human Resources Manager
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François started as a production engineer and was based in Congo for five years before being appointed as a site manager in charge of Pointe-Noire Grands Fonds (PNGF) (Deep Seabeds), one of the most recent Group acquisitions. He particularly appreciates team work and the diversity of his role.

François ISOPET Congo Field Manager PNGF
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employee-Alexandre-Andrieu-Perenco employee-Alexandre-Andrieu-Perenco employee-Alexandre-Andrieu-Perenco employee-Alexandre-Andrieu-Perenco

Having joined the company in 2017, Alexandre started his career at Perenco via an unprecedented route, before moving to Congo as a financial manager. A very versatile role that allows him to value his past experience as a consultant to accompany the growth projects of the subsidiary, with strong challenges of cost-control and cost-effectiveness, but also with regards to local contents and marketing.

Alexandre ANDRIEU Congo Financial Manager
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This young mother of two, who loves nature, has already completed more than eight project installations over 13 years - from the Gabonese forest to the Sinai desert- and piloted the pre-project department at Perenco.  Adeline is motivated by the idea of managing complex projects and likes working with multidisciplinary teams composed of engineers. She also works with on-site installers. Today, Adeline coordinates one of the company's most innovative projects, the FLNG project.

Adeline THOMASSET FLNG Project Coordinator
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employee-Chatelan-responsable-Perenco employee-Chatelan-responsable-Perenco

Denis started his career in finance but took an operational turn in Africa when assigned the role of Subsidiary General Manager, first in Congo and then in Gabon. In 2016 he was appointed Head of New Business for the Group. Denis is a skilled negotiator who intervenes on new oil and gas field acquisition projects to accompany the company's growth. He constantly looks for growth relays while contributing to protect and develop Perenco’s oil and gas heritage by supporting subsidiaries’ management.

Denis CHATELAN Business Development Manager
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Passionate about earth sciences and travelling, Florence naturally decided to follow geology studies. Her will to learn and to better understand led her to choose an early career in the field. Her curiosity, enthusiasm and determination are now taking her to Gabon for a new adventure

Florence BOUTELIER Geologist
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