Perenco is above all the story of women and men determined to go further who have followed atypical routes, punctuated by discoveries and accountability. It is also about sharing common values. Discover their portraits, written from their testimonies.

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employee-Flor-Nzala-Perenco employee-Flor-Nzala-Perenco

Since 2012, after a career of 14 years as a journalist, Flor has been entrusted with communication for Perenco DRC subsidiary. Keen to create links and strengthen cohesion within the company, he has created the Muanda Oil Magazine, a way to relay information about the subsidiary.

Flor NZALA DRC Communication Manager
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employe-Romme-De-Saint-Leon-Perenco employe-Romme-De-Saint-Leon-Perenco employe-Romme-De-Saint-Leon-Perenco employe-Romme-De-Saint-Leon-Perenco

Administrative Manager in Cameroon, Gabon and Peru, then General Manager of Perenco Tunisia, Rommé joined Paris headquarters in 2016 on a supply chain job before moving to the Human Resources Department, where he strives to promote the international mobility of employees and affiliates. Since 2004, his professional pathway has been rather atypical. As such, it certainly reflects how flexible career progression can be at Perenco.

Rommé de SAINT-LÉON Subsidiaries HR Manager
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employee-Emilie-Rebeyrol-Perenco employee-Emilie-Rebeyrol-Perenco

With a passion for toxicology, Emile started her career in the pharmaceutical industry working in laboratories. It was while working in rotation as an expatriate for the first time for an oil-related company that she came across Perenco. She joined the Group as an HSE engineer in Paris before once again returning to the field as an expatriate, closer to operational teams.

Emilie REBEYROL BRIMEUR Congo HSE Deputy Manager
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After completing management and law studies in the United Kingdom, Alexandra joined Perenco in Cameroon, her country of origin. At the head of the legal department since 2015, she is particularly proud to have contributed to the FLNG project, a project emblematic for the group.

Alexandra BEMBATOUM General Counsel, Cameroon
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employee-Guillaume-Denis-Perenco employee-Guillaume-Denis-Perenco employee-Guillaume-Denis-Perenco employee-Guillaume-Denis-Perenco

Passionate about proposals, Guillaume is fully committed to the founding spirit of the company, the pioneering spirit. Creative and receptive, he describes himself as a negotiator. He likes understanding what is required and designing a solution that is both sustainable and flexible, to ensure projects are completed successfully and to keep up with progress. This 42-year-old engineer likes to be trusted and does not want be stuck in processes. For 10 years, he has followed a fulfilling career with a role at the heart of Perenco IT department.

Guillaume DENIS Group Network & Telecomms Manager
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employee-Eric-Gilles-responsable-Perenco employee-Eric-Gilles-responsable-Perenco

Eric joined the oil industry after 19 years in the French Navy. He has been in charge of maintenance operations at Perenco since 2008, mainly in the DRC, but also in Cameroon from 2011 to 2015, during the Rio del Rey takeover. In Kinkasi, he heads a team of 70 people, who have the task to maintain the company installations, including the production and process facilities, as well as the power plant.

Eric GILLES Maintenance Superintendent
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