Perenco has been operating in the Republic of Congo since 2001, when a common company of Perenco and SNPC (the Congolese National Society of Hydrocarbons) was created to operate the Emeraude field. The Group now also operates the Likouala field (in partnership with Eni Congo). Perenco also operates the Yombo field with the FPSO La Noumbi and the PNGF South fields which has become an operator since January 2017.

Production 2021 75,000BOEPD 50millions scf/d


Since 2001, Perenco in Congo has regularly built on its position, strengthening it thanks to a development strategy on existing fields and through new acquisitions, thereby increasing the production from 4,000 boepd to 70,000 boepd.

On the historical field of Emeraude, Perenco has compensated the natural reservoir decline by showcasing a real technical know-how. Thanks to this operating, the teams have been successful not only in avoiding well closures, but also to optimise the flows. Today the production of Emeraude has reached 11,000 boepd.

Since 2010, Perenco has been operating the Likouala field. The perforation work carried out in the upper Cenomanian reservoir in 2012, followed by the successful drilling campaign, along with surface works in 2014, have allowed the production to reach a record of 32,000 boepd. After a phase of decline, Perenco started a new drilling campaign in 2017, which has brought the production to approximately 30,000 boepd.

Since January 2017, Perenco also has been operating on the group PGNF South fields, including the licences of Tchendo II, Tchibouela II and Tchibeli Litanzi II, for a crude production of 20,000 boepd. Thanks to synergies with neighbouring fields, Perenco has been able to restart several wells.

In northern Congo, Perenco operates the Yombo and Masseko fields.

When the Production Sharing Contract was renewed in 2015 with SNPC, anticipating future developments, Perenco had committed to install a new floating terminal as part of the Conkouati replacement, in place since 1992. The new floating production storage and offloading unit La Noumbi FPSO, which has been set-up in 2018, allow to handle the increased Yombo production close to 9,000 boepd as well as the production of the adjacent Masseko field, recently put into production. Resulting from the conversion of an oil ship, La Noumbi is certainly a great example of Perenco’s teams’ know-how and ingenuity La Noumbi FPSO.



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